The Company: Scope of Business

The Bar Code Doctor, a division of QuanTech, Inc., is a bar code solution and bar code quality specialist. Our company is a bar code symbol verification and testing authority that focuses on providing bar code quality assurance services and solutions. We specialize on the evaluation of bar code images and on providing automatic ID system solutions for users of all symbologies on most every substrate.

With nearly two decades of Automatic Identification industry experience, and the widest assortment of state-of-the-art precision image verification instrumentation and software tools, our experts provide technical assistance and bar code symbol evaluation and consultation services to organizations from all major industries: Consumer Goods, Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Electronics, Distribution, Automatic Identification and more.

The Bar Code Doctor is an outsource service provider that can be the bar code quality resource for companies or organizations that do not maintain their own bar code quality inspection and standards specialists.

The Bar Code Doctor can assess the quality of a single bar code image or of a entire printing system, then make suggestions for fixing and/or preventing print problems and other scanning difficulties which could lead to system break-down or compliance penalties.

Services are available on-demand, or under longer termed retainer agreement for specific projects, support or annual programs.

Some of The Bar Code Doctor’s services are standardized products that can be easily purchased by new customers online, However, most of our company’s services are negotiated based on very competitive hourly rates and service programs are designed exclusively for the specific need of our client.

The Bar Code Doctor provides non-biased bar code information, evaluation and confidential testing and consulting services. We can evaluate bar code images which are printed on any substrate, with any printing technology.


The Bar Code Doctor offers the following bar code related services

1. Provide vendor-independent bar code information and educational consulting services to all interested organizations and individuals covering a variety of bar code construction, printing and quality assessment topics.

2. Test and Verify bar codes against accepted industry standards including ANSI x3.182 Bar Code Evaluation Guidelines and others.

3. Evaluate the Dimensional and Optical / Reflective characteristics of bar code images using state-of-the-art precision quality assurance tools and verification devices. We communicate the quantitative data and analysis in clear, easy-to-understand textual, statistical and graphical reports.

4. Assess Problems and suggest probable causes of quality deficiency: process, equipment, software, substrate etc... We will help you solve and prevent problems.

5. Determine Suitability of bar code related hardware and substrate alternatives for special industrial applications.

6. Conduct Testing Programs which allow monitoring, statistical sampling, documentation and analysis of printed bar code quality characteristics.

7. Administer Compliance Programs to ensure all parties produce bar code labels that meet quality specifications.

8. Define Policy and Program Needs which establish parameters of acceptability for institutional bar code standards and compliance programs.

Call or E-mail The Bar Code Doctor today to discuss how we can assist you with your bar code quality control programs or quality assessment projects.

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