Consulting and Advising Services

Our professional consultants have had successful careers working with major corporations, as well as with the U.S. government and military, colleges and universities, and small business. They are trainers qualified through academia, professional industry affiliations, hands-on teaching and training experience, and vast and varied industry exposure. And our staff of consultants continues to keep abreast of industry developments through individual and ongoing continuing education.

Our team of professionals have held titles in all areas of the quality arena — from vice presidents and managers to engineers, teachers and auditors. They are experienced in all areas of business and industry. Some have even sat on quality committees or chaired quality standards committee efforts. Others have authored quality-related manuals, reports and technical papers.

QuanTech consultants possess the kind of professionalism and expertise necessary to provide in-depth consulting and training that your facility demands and deserves - and all in the most innovative, cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Our consultants are what separates QuanTech from the competition. They are the key to getting your facility completely prepared to meet today’s high quality, environmental and other management systems expectations.

Let QuanTech provide you with professional consulting and advisory services including:


Remedy scanning problems, help solve bar code system problems and suggest probable causes of quality deficiency: process, equipment, software, substrate etc. We help you solve immediate bar code problems and prevent further issues that may occur due to hardware, substrate, people or process deficiencies. The Bar Code Doctor makes practical and effective recommendations and provides cost-effective economical solutions.


Present corporate educational Bar Code Awareness programs and departmental training services that help focus an organization on producing the highest quality bar code images while minimizing complications and risks of non-compliance.


Provide consulting and advising services that emphasize Preventing Problems with bar code systems and by using “Smart Label Design” and “Simple Proactive Procedures” to eliminate system failures.


Design, develop and justify institutional bar code quality acceptance standards and Administer bar code compliance verification/testing programs for your vendors or suppliers.


Determine suitability of bar code related hardware and substrate alternatives for common commercial uses and special industrial applications.


Administer compliance programs to ensure all your vendors produce bar code labels that meet quality specifications and will ensure operational efficiency.  The Bar Code Doctor will even assist vendors having quality problems with help to produce conforming bar codes as part of this service.


Provide independent third-party evaluation of bar code images, packaging materials and compliance issues


Resolve bar code compliance disputes as an expert and neutral third-party.


Assist companies set-up bar code printing production systems, quality verification and other systems; from point-of-sale scanning to warehouse automatic identification systems, that immediately comply with mandated marking/labeling compliance standards.





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