Presentation of Bar Code Printing Methods and Technologies

This course is designed to present information on preparation, printing, evaluation and verification of bar code images. It is designed to expose participants to the strengths and limitations of all popular printing technologies, and the impact of various factors on resulting bar code images.

Demand (On Site) Printing Technologies

- Impact matrix, rotary, formed character,
- Thermal direct, thermal transfer.
- Laser, ion deposition, electrostatic.

Commercial (Off Site) Printing Technologies

- Offset lithography
- Flexography
- Gravure - Intaglio
- Letterpress
- Silkscreen
- Hot Stamp
- Ink Jet
- Photocomposition
- Re- inking systems
- Laser engraving

Bar Code Print Quality Criteria

- Bar Code Symbol Pre-press Considerations
- Impact of media and ink on bar code print quality.
- Orientation of bar code and impact on print quality.
- Consistency and bar code print quality.
- Impact of desk top publishing on bar code print quality.
- Print quality as affected by method of generating film.
- Minimum print quality that can be tolerated by an "Open System,"
- Impact of light source on print quality.

Bar Code Quality Verification

Bar Code Symbol Post-press Inspection
- ANSI X3.182 Bar Code Print Quality vs. Traditional ANSI Print Guidelines
- New ANSI values for various printing methods.
- Minimum bar code print quality requirements.

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