UPC Introduction and Training

UPC Symbol Placement and Location Rules and Guidelines how to assign a UPC number to a grocery product and where put place the symbol on the package.

UPC Shipping Container Symbol Specifications applies specifically to shipping containers

UPC Coupon Code Requirements and Guidelines provides specifications to facilitate the development of systems containing routines which mechanize the handling of coupons at the checkstand.

UPC Code Features and Printing Requirements

  • Standard features of UPC symbols
  • Nominal dimensions of the Characters and Code
  • UPC / EAN/ JAN/ IAN bar code differences
  • Encodation for UPC Characters,
  • Regular Symbol (Version A)
  • Check Character Check Character Calculation
  • Zero-Suppression Symbol (Version E)
  • Symbol Truncation

Printing the Standard Symbol

  • Print gain and variation
  • Assessment of printing conditions
  • Basic assessment method
  • Magnification factor
  • Film master tolerances
  • Symbol size
  • Bar width reduction
  • Printability gauge method:
  • Description and use of the gauge,
  • Evaluation of results (Printability Rating).
  • Determination of Magnification Factor and Required Line-Width Reduction

Dimensional Characteristics of the Printed Symbol

  • Linear Measurement Methodologies
  • Dimensional Tolerances
  • Bar Width Growth
  • Inconsistent element widths

Optical / Reflective Characteristics of the Printed Symbol

  • Reflectance Factor and Reflection Density
  • Geometric Conditions for Reflection Measurements
  • Spectral Conditions for Reflection Measurements
  • Print Contrast
  • Gloss
  • Opacity
  • Color
  • Voids
  • Ink and Dirt Spots
  • Show-Through
  • Transparent WrapperSpecularly Reflecting Materials
  • Obscuring Patterns