System Hardware Planning, Installation and User Training

xxxxxUser training and testing can be provided for verification and print equipment products.  We can help you plan your hardware and software requirements, install any item(s) and train all interested personnel.

We can help you plan your hardware and software purchase, install any item(s) and train all interested parties.

Bar Code Verification Equipment

Automatic Identification System Equipment

Technical Services

System Installation

The system components will be either delivered by our staff or drop shipped to the site. System experts prepare, integrate and test onsite the products/system to ensure customer satisfaction. Our technical staff is committed to be your partner throughout the system implementation phases.  
System Integration

All of our systems feature an open architecture design that makes it easy to interface with your computer technologies. 
Site Survey

A site survey for your data collection system will assure the most feasible design, performance and reliability. Our technical specialists will conduct a requirements survey at your business location. The specialists will: 1) Define with you and your staff the system's current and/or planned use; 2) Prepare a functional specification detailing the equipment, software and installation layout; and 3) Review the specification with your staff, making changes when appropriate. 

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