The Bar Code Doctor Professional Services

Welcome to the Bar Code Doctor professional services information page. We are the premier provider of Bar Code Quality Assurance and Diagnostic services. Our goal is to provide you quality Bar Code, Automatic Identification information and point-of-sale scanning products and services. 

Our services focus on assuring operational success of bar code scanning systems. Our quality standards are high.  A team of dedicated professionals, each with nearly two decades of bar code image quality assurance and verification experience, communicate with clients, operate lab verification equipment, interpret results and make recommendations to our clients. Our client’s complete satisfaction is our primary goal.

The Bar Code Doctor is the industry’s resource for bar code image design, construction, printing and quality assurance services. The company also knows how to make scanning systems function effectively to optimize the usefulness and efficiency of automatic identification technology systems and investments. We know and understand bar code image compliance standards and quality assessment topics, and provide services onsite at your location or from our well-equiped examination lab. 

In our lab, the Bar Code Doctor utilizes the widest assortment of verification tools commercially available from the automatic ID industry’s leading manufacturers. Our NIST-tracable equipment utilized in our lab is frequently calibrated to assure accurate image quality assessment and compliance to standards and specifications.
We bring this expertise to you and offer service in the following categories.

The Bar Code Doctor strives to provide vendor-independent, non-biased bar code information and educational consulting services to all interested organizations and individuals.

For more information about services or products, or to schedule a testing project or consulting engagement, please contact us either via e-mail by clicking on the contact button on this page, or call us at 319-626-4626 from 9 am. to 5 pm central time. 

We look forward to serving you!

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