Bar Code Verification, Testing and Quality Assurance

Welcome to Bar Code Doctor professional bar code image Examination and Diagnostic services page. We are the premier Bar Code Quality Assurance and Diagnostic services provider.  Our clients avoid bar code problems, because the Bar Code Doctor provides meaningful and effective problem prevention and solutions.

The Bar Code Doctor services focus on assuring operational success of bar code scanning systems. We have nearly two decades of bar code image quality assurance and verification experience, our experienced professionals communicate with clients, operate lab verification equipment, interpret results and make recommendations to our clients. Our client’s complete satisfaction is our primary goal.

In our examination lab, the Bar Code Doctor utilizes the widest assortment of verification tools commercially available from the automatic ID industry’s leading manufacturers. The NIST-tracable equipment, utilized in the examination lab, is frequently calibrated to assure accurate image quality assessment and compliance to standards and specifications. Our software helps diagnose a problem bar code image or track the quality of hundreds of samples for SPC analysis.

The Bar Code Doctor  provides the following services with trained experienced personnel and precision verification (inspection) equipment:


Evaluate the dimensional (traditional) and optical/reflective (ANSI) characteristics of bar code images using state-of-the-art precision quality assurance measurement tools and verification devices. The Bar Code Doctor will communicate the quantitative data from the testing devices with an analysis presented in one of our easy-to-understand textual, statistical and graphical format reports, depending on your situation.


Test and verify bar code images, certifying compliance with industry standards such as UPC, AIAG, UPN, ANSI standard (ANSI/UCC5, and later ISO/IEC 15416) ISO 15416, ANSI X3.182 Bar Code Print Quality guidelines and others, helping our clients avoid customer deductions, charge backs or price offsets due to poor quality or format issues.


Post-Press Product Examination & Certification Service.  We take sample barcodes from pre-slit, pre-cut, pre-stamped consumer goods packaging materials, and provide the results.  We can look at the effects of special promotional features, such as overlaminating or shrink wrap on the image quality.

For major consumer goods manufacturers and with their commercial packaging material printers, we evaluate the feasibility of proposed packaging enhancements or printing process changes. Pre-Press Consultation & Experimentation has been performed for organizations using the following categories of print processes: Offset lithography, Flexography, Ink Jet, Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer, Electrostatic Laser, Silkscreen, Hot Stamp, Photocomposition, Re-inking systems, Laser engraving and more.


On-Site Printing System(s) Audit & Assessment services evaluate effectiveness of existing on-demand printing systems and quality assurance procedures at the client’s facilities.


Conduct testing programs that allow monitoring, statistical sampling, documentation and analysis of printed bar code image quality characteristics.

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